2019 Top 5 Best Selling Ketubah Designs

Your Photo Ketubah

Your Photo Ketubah

Artist: Ray Michaels

What a great idea! Why not transform a favorite photograph into your ketubah? Perhaps it is a snapshot of the place that you met or of the two of you captured at a memorable moment. Or we can create a collage of several photos (price varies depending on number of photos).

Devotion 2

Devotion 2

Artist: Cindy Michael

This design is full of charm and symbolism. The dove represents peace, enduring love and fidelity. The hamsa is for protection and good luck in your life and home. The beloved city of Jerusalem is nestled at the top reminding us of our rich heritage and the pomegranate is for abundant blessing. The sun and moon acknowledge this joyous moment in the cycle of life. The leaves in the background symbolize the fertile environment that will bring your hopes and dreams to fruition.
"I am My Beloveds My Beloved is Mine" is in Hebrew and English in and around the top 'fingers.'
Available in 12 colors

Text Only ketubah

Text Only No Artwork Ketubah

Artist: Various Artists

We offer a text only, no artwork option for your ketubah if you would like to paint your own or have someone who will be doing it for you. You have a choice of many different calligraphic lettering styles. Text shape can be square, rectangle or circle. Custom shapes and quotes are available for an additional charge. Printed on Arches 140 lb. hotpress watercolor paper in portrait orientation unless otherwise stated.
(To view the different lettering styles choose search by style and select 'Text Only - No Artwork'.)
This ketubah can be made to fit into a standard frame.

Soul Mates ketubah

Soul Mates Ketubah

Artist: Selwyn Mills

Standing side by side, inseparable yet individual, reflecting back at and bringing out the best in each other, so are beloveds joined in marriage. This composition captures a moment where everything is right in the world.
Quote - "From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together and a single, brighter light goes forth from their united being"

O'Israel ketubah

O'Israel Ketubah

Artist: Linda Altshuler

This inspired design became an instant hit as a print representing Israel’s 60th anniversary. It incorporates the symbols that unite Jews around the world and celebrates our common and enduring heritage.