About Giclee Ketubah Prints & Lithograph Ketubah Prints

Giclee Prints

   A very popular method of fine art reproduction used by many artists in all sectors is called giclee (pronounced jee-clay'), a French word which means sprayed ink. It is a finely honed technology in which more than four million droplets of ink per second are sprayed onto paper or canvas capturing the finest nuances of the original painting. Because of the many layers of ink applied to the surface, giclee reproductions appear to be 'painted.' Archival, ultra-chrome inks and acid-free papers rated to last for 120 years are used.

   The benefit to the artist is that they no longer have to print an entire edition at once. With the giclee method each piece is printed individually. The text is usually written in digital calligraphy, as is the personalization if you opt for that, with beautiful results. The lettering styles are selected to complement the artwork.

   Most of the artists who use the giclee method will provide you with a proof of the text prior to printing your ketubah so you will have an opportunity to check it for accuracy before it is completed.


   Many of our artists choose this time-tested and widely used method of fine art reproduction for their artwork. Almost all are limited editions. A predetermined number of each design and text are printed and when they are sold out they are no longer available. Lithographs are printed on beautiful, acid-free art paper of the artists' choice. The text is written in hand-calligraphy and then reproduced onto the lithograph, so the print has the charm of a hand-written document. If you opt to have your ketubah or Judaica item personalized by the artist, they are matching their own calligraphy as they fill in your personal information.

   We will provide you with a proof of the personalizing information page, exactly as the artist will receive it, so you and your officiant can review it beforehand.

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